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What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are credit card plastic cards that have a preloaded stored value of cash. Two primary kinds of gift cards exist: single branded gift cards can be used in just one chain of shops and multi-detail gift cards can be used in several participating shops. Some gift cards can also be restored online with a card code. Gift cards are a common gift in Ireland because of the user’s ease of use and choice.

What are Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers (sometimes known as gift tokens) are paper gifts in certain shops available for the use in predetermined values. You can buy gift vouchers for single brands or multi-retail gift vouchers. The added benefit of multi-retail gift vouchers being that they are redeemable in more than one store or brand. Gift vouchers and multi-retail gift vouchers can be used at checkout in participating stores as full or partial payment for items and are often used as an alternate cash.

If you are a non-Irish resident seeking to buy gifts for a friend or relative in the Ireland, you can choose from our offers and have them delivered directly. This includes a personal greeting so the recipient knows who to thank.